As today is Sunday, I decided I can give you a quick update for our Rotary Club on what I have done so far in the two weeks that I have been here. So, upon my arrival here at the airport I met my YEO as well as part of my family. My family consists of my mother Michaela, father Josef and my two younger sisters Maja and Petra. After the airport arrival, we went to the hospital to visit Petra who had just had teeth surgery. Once home I got a tour and we had supper. I started school and I must say I have gotten lost at least 3 different times and I have had to quick random students to help me find my school. The school and the school system are both very different here. I have 6-8 classes a day each being 45 minutes and start at 7:00 am or 7:55 am. I must say I am very good in English class. 


I have also started going to Czech Lessons in Prague twice a week with other Rotary students in my club as well as my district (FUN FACT: there is only one district in  Czech and Slovakia together, meaning our district has about 85 students) I am in the Prague international rotary club along with two other girls. One from the states and the other being from Mexico. I go to my first rotary meeting tomorrow as my host clubs meetings are the same time and night as our club's!


Last weekend it was a celebration of 100 years of the republic so we went to our town's square for a celebration! My host family has also taken my to Prague a few times and we have visited some of the main tourist spots like the Charles bridge, St. Nicholas Church, old town square, and the astronomical Clock. We plan to go to the castle, museum and zoo before Christmas! 


I also plan to start curling here soon as well as pick up some activities through the week! Everyone here is very nice and welcoming! Also, I only have one host family for the year because I am so far from my rotary club, but they are all so nice and caring it is okay with me! My host mom and me even went shopping for ski clothes for their arrival ski trip in February! 


Everything is going well here, I would to thank you all for this opportunity once again as the experience so far is great! 


Jessica Lawson

Nov 4/18