Benefits of Rotary Fellowships:
  • Enable Rotarians to make lasting friendships outside their own club, district or country
  • Contribute to the advancement of Rotary's public image and identity
  • Serve as an incentive for joining Rotary and for continuing as a member

Examples of Rotary Fellowships available to Rotarians, Rotary partners and Rotaractors...


The following was originally posted in the June 2016 issue of The Bridge District newsletter.


June is designated as Rotary Fellowship Month. Rotary Fellowships are international, independently organized groups of Rotarians, Rotary partners, and Rotaractors who share a common recreational interest or vocation. This month is recognition of the opportunity to have fun, make new friends around the world and enhance the experience of Rotary that belonging to a Rotary Fellowship enables.

Rotary Fellowships began informally in 1928 when a group of Rotarians with an interest in Esperanto joined together. In 1947, Rotarians organized a group of boating enthusiasts, which became the Yachting Fellowship. This joining together to share common interests and activities gained attention and operated over the years under various names as World Fellowship Activities; International Vocational Contact Groups; Rotary Recreational and Vocational Fellowships; and finally Rotary Fellowships.

Fellowship activities vary widely. Some groups come together around hobbies or special interests. Others are based on common vocations. Some Fellowships are purely social while others use their fellowship for service projects. Each Fellowship must maintain a membership base representing at least 3 Countries. Each Fellowship elects at least 3 Officers to oversee the group’s operations. Fellowships are expected to facilitate communication amongst their members and to maintain regular communication with Rotary International.

There are currently over 61 Rotary Fellowships. To find more information go to:


“Fellowship is wonderful; it illuminates life’s pathway, spreads good cheer, and is worth high

price.” -Rotary Founder Paul Harris