Posted by Claire Sherwin on Sep 03, 2018

Our Rotary theme this year is “Be The Inspiration”.  Rotarians all over the world already fulfill the challenge set out by RI President Barry but, as we begin a new year in Rotary, it’s good to be reminded that we serve as examples both in our local community and around the world.


If I had the opportunity to pick a Rotary theme, mine would be “Experience the Joy in Rotary”.


Rotary is filled with opportunities to do just that; the camaraderie in weekly meetings, the feeling of achievement in accomplishing local projects, the pride in being part of global projects like ending Polio should allow us all to walk tall and hold our heads high.


Attending the recent International Conference in Toronto reinforced the joy of Rotary for me.  President Barry pointed out that this large group of delegates from all over the world gave each of this the opportunity to call a stranger from a foreign country by name and consider them a friend.  In particular, I met people from the African continent, from Sweden, from India and one notable rascal from Australia who genuinely made my day and reinforced the pride I feel in “wearing the wheel”.


This past weekend, I was invited by two of past exchange students for a weekend of wine tasting in Prince Edward County.  It was great to see both of them again and to learn what they were doing, how their schooling was going, and what they hoped to do in the future.  Several of their friends came along as well and getting to know them renewed my faith in the future.


I find joy in almost everything Rotary and encourage you to do the same as we continue our good work, whether in funding a new splash pad, teaching children about the importance of trees, or supporting a global organization that does so much good in the world.


President Claire