ROTARY EXCHANGE STUDENT’S LETTER HOME: Year in Croatia has been filled with learning

Dear Editor:
It’s been 218 days since I’ve left for my Rotary Youth Exchange in Croatia. In that time, I have travelled to the countries of Slovenia, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. I have also visited
many places within Croatia, switched host families, met relatives who I thought I would never meet, and made friends from all over the world. In addition to this, I have improved my Croatian immensely
since I arrived here. I currently have 90 more days until I get on a plane and return to Canada. In that time, I will be going to Dubrovnik over spring break, going on the Euro tour for 16 days right after I finish
school at the end of April, and then right after that I’m going to Brač for a district conference.

During the Euro tour I will be traveling with the Austrian, Bosnian and Croatian inbound Rotary Exchange students to the countries of Austria, France, Italy, Croatia and the City-State of Monaca. After all of my trips,
I’m hoping to spend my last month with friends, relaxing and swimming.

During my time in Croatia I have learned a lot about the country. One thing that sticks out is that there are a LOT of grocery stores. I pass around 15 on my way to school every day.
Another thing people should know about Croatia is that people take their coffee very seriously here. Every Saturday morning most people dress up and go out for coffee for about two hours.

Croatia also has some really good food that I’m going to miss when I leave — like fritule, kebab (not exclusive to Croatia), and mlinci.

I have enjoyed my time in Croatia, had some good times and some bad, but I have also learned a lot. I am both excited yet sad that my exchange is soon to be over. I have had the time of my life here and
hope that if anyone has the opportunity to go on exchange that they do because it is a great experience.

Angelica Pearce
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about Rotary Youth Exchange
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Pictured at top is Knin Fort, one of Angelica Pearce’s favourite places in Croatia. And below,
Pearce, left, is shown with two other Rotary Exchange students from the US, Teanna Fults
(middle) and Olivia Le Blanc (right) in Salzburg.