Assistant Governor Dianne Yundt conducted the swearing in of new 2017-18 officers at our June 26 meeting at the home of Stan & Catherine Malcolm.  This years banner by Rotary President Risley, Making a Difference was received by new club president Ron as well as president pin.  Past President Stan was given a custom made cane compliments of Rotarian Doug Fread. Rotarian Stan and Catherine provided dinner helped by Rotarian Len.  Past president Stan thanked all who made his year a success.  President Ron vowed continued success for our club. Thank you to Nelda Oliver for the many photos at this event and many others. 
2017-18 Officers
President Elect
Past President
Stan Malcolm
Heather Ellis
Assistant Treasurer
Bruce Radford
Foundation Chair
Doug Goudy
Public Relations 
Youth Exchange Counsellor
Youth Exchange Officer
Program Committee Chair  
Doug Goudy
Leave a Legacy Foundation
Golf Committee Chair
Sergeant-at-Arms (Prime)
Sergeant-at-Arms (Shared)
Literacy Committee Chair
Web & Social Media
Executive Secretary