Posted on Jan 01, 2018


Family Literacy Day is a national awareness initiative created in 1999 by ABC Life Literacy Canada and is held annually on January 27th to raise awareness about reading and engaging in other literacy-related activities as a family.      


Family literacy refers to the many ways families develop and use literacy skills, from enjoying a storybook together at bedtime and during the day, to playing board and word games, singing, writing to a relative, making grocery lists, following a recipe and surfing the internet for fun and interesting sites.


ABC Life Literacy Canada is encouraging Canadian families to have at least 15 minutes of fun every day with your child, your grandchild or a young relative in a literacy-related activity. Practicing literacy every day has tremendous benefits for children and parents or older relative. It establishes a culture of learning, an exchange of ideas, enriches family relationships and bolsters confidence and independent thinking.


(source: ABC Life Literacy Canada)